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Fuel Tank Only Filling up to 7/8

Hey again everybody!

I apologize for the multiple threads, but I've just been having so many issues with my Malibu, and I wanted to keep the issues organized separately. I own a 2016 1.5L Chevy Malibu 1LT, and have been having issues filling up the tank at the gas station.

Despite stating that the Malibu 1LT has a 13 gallon tank, my On Star app has been telling me that the tank only fills up to 11.5 gallons (90%) and stops when I go to fill it up at the pump. This has happened every fill-up since I bought the car, and has been occurring at multiple locations and brands of gasoline stations.

The gas gauge also only showed 7/8 of a tank at the fill-up and caused me some alarm. I took the car to the dealership. It is supposedly a known issue. They re-programmed something in the car, and it seems to have changed my issue.

While the tank still only fills up to 11.5 gallons (according to my app and my math calculations of my miles per full tank), the gauge now does show that the tank goes to full.

However; 11.5 gallons is not 13 gallons and I was wondering if anybody has been experiencing the same issue? I would think it would at least go past 12 gallons if anything before stopping.

Any feedback or experience would be greatly welcomed! Thanks!
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