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Re: Fuel Tank Only Filling up to 7/8

16LT's issue (or seemingly non-issue in my opinion) is not the same as what the OP reports. The OP says his tank is only filling to 11.5 gallons, not taking 10.5 at a fillup with the light on. 10.5 + 1.5-2.0 already in the tank is 12.5 which is fine. 11.5 is actually 1-1.5 gallons short. I haven't experienced this to this degree, but I did previously only manage 12 gallon total capacity after my first couple fillups. I figured out you can't stick the nozzle all the way in. Stick the nozzle 1/2-3/4 in and I get almost 13 total capacity every time. I just filled up last night and checked my onstar app and it reports 12.9.

That said, I cannot pass on a chance to criticize the awful decision to use a 13 gallon tank in the 1.5T models. In a car with so many positives, the tiny tank is a glaring negative. Even 15.8 in the less efficient 2.0 is pitiful. Competing cars in this segment have much larger fuel range and similar EPA estimates - the Altima is 27/39 and has a 19 gallon tank. The Fusion has 17.5, Camry has 17, Legacy has 18.5, Mazda6 16.4. Why would Chevy make a choice that is so far outside the norm? The tiny tank makes it feel less "adult" of a car.
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