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Re: Malibu 2016 LS "Reduced Power steering Assist"

Originally Posted by miweber929 View Post
Also had it a couple times in the first few throusand miles. Mentioned it to the dealer, it didn't affect anything and I haven't seen it in the past 10,000 miles.

I'd mention it to the dealer but don't let it bother you too much.
Hmmm, sounds like this might be a bit of a common thing happening here, probably nothing or I would think its something GM knows about by this point. I am dropping it off tomorrow as they told me to bring it in, but I really don't expect anything to come of it unless the system has codes saved that tell them something, I haven't seen it again since calling them. But I will let them hook it up to the system to see if it spits anything out about it.
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