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Re: Malibu 2016 LS "Reduced Power steering Assist"

Originally Posted by iMyk View Post
That is weird. I too had the same issue. The other week it was raining for the first time and I saw the message pop up. It went away quicker than I could read it. I was scheduled to bring it in for service the next day anyways for maintenance. I immediately called the dealer and they said to just bring it up at the appointment. 5 minutes later it popped up again. This time I could read it

I told the dealer when I brought it in that I had seen the message. The tech reported that there were no saved codes and that they could not reproduce the issue. I had the message right after 5100 miles or so. I am almost at 6000 and no message again. I will report back when it rains again.
Well that's disappointing that there were no codes, that is what I was hoping for as I know reproducing it is going to be a no go, I just dropped it off this morning and expect the same response back from the dealer, I don't think it was wet out when it happened for me. I just went over 5700 miles and now that we have 3 that have seen the message it appears to be something that is commonly happening with these Malibu's. probably wont get into the GM system for a while but I bet it shows up as a recall in the future.
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