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Re: Malibu 2016 LS "Reduced Power steering Assist"

Originally Posted by The RealSlickWilly View Post
Well that's disappointing that there were no codes, that is what I was hoping for as I know reproducing it is going to be a no go, I just dropped it off this morning and expect the same response back from the dealer, I don't think it was wet out when it happened for me. I just went over 5700 miles and now that we have 3 that have seen the message it appears to be something that is commonly happening with these Malibu's. probably wont get into the GM system for a while but I bet it shows up as a recall in the future.
Just keep in mind my codes never returned in over 10,000 miles now (I now have around 14K on the carI bought in February) so I don't really consider it as something I need to worry about anymore and don't ever expect a recall to be called on it.

The dealer never found a code, nor did steering ever suffer, in my car, and I do not believe weather was a factor with mine but I will add every time I saw it was during the winter so there was moisture. I had the same thing as everyone else: a couple times I swear I saw a message but I couldn't read as it was so quick then I happened to be looking at the cluster and saw it and was able to read it.

Not sure if that helps but I guess I would say I wouldn't worry too much about it.
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