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: leak through output speed sensor on transmission

07-18-2011, 03:53 PM
hi fellow owners, i was having a issue and i was hoping to get some insight. The spot where the output speed sensor goes into the tranny is slowly leaking. i assume its the seal(o-ring) going on the sensor that's causing the leak, but no local auto shops have the seals on hand and i am hesitant to order, as the seals only come in packs of 5, and im not sure if the actual sensor is deformed or if it is the seal. Any insight? is there a way to tell which is leaking((some kind of inspection) if its the sensor or the seal? has anyone ever had to replace this seal(o-ring)?is it normal for them to go bad?Any insight would help. Thanks!!

07-19-2011, 09:06 PM
*update*- it turns out the o-ring on the sensor was completely deteriorated, basically non existent.ALSO since i recently bought the car off another owner, it appears the owner SUPER overfilled the transmission with fluid. ended up emptying out about 2 gallon milk jugs full by the time it was level.I think the fact is was so overfilled had something to do with the seal going. Im assuming that the transmission fluid level was so high it filled up the whole case and started leaking out the output speed sensor. If filled properly, the level should have never reached that height im assuming, since the sensor position is a bit higher up than the check level plug, and fluid should be just about at the plug level.

07-19-2011, 10:23 PM
Contrary to earlier models, does the 03 have a fill tube? If not, how did someone get that much fluid in there? I surprised that much more fluid would fit. Was the car driven in this condition? If so, I'm surprised it didn't blow every seal in the transmission. Further, I'm amazed it could drive in this condition and shift at any of the correct points.

I don't doubt your word, I'm just dumbfounded that is even possible and the car would still go.

07-19-2011, 10:27 PM
Contrary to earlier models, does the 03 have a fill tube?

No, the 2000 doesn't have a "fill tube", but if you look at the crossover exhaust pipe on the 3.1L, under it (where you're almost guaranteed to burn your hands getting it off and on if you have clodhopper hands like I do), there's a filler cap (looks like the oil filler cap somewhat), where you can add fluid.

I've gotten a bit of familiarity with that one, since my transaxle seals are leaking on the tranny, and so I have to add some every so often (when a hard left causes it to neutralize, I put in 1/2 quart of Dexron IV ... seems to work so far.)

(On my list is replacing those seals, alas, I may have to shop it for that since it's the wife's DD usually - it's mine now while the Cougar is being worked on.)


07-19-2011, 10:50 PM
Hi Ralph, I don't know if my 98 4 banger has any type of fill apparatus. I was told by Chevrolet at the time (back in 98) that it didn't. If it does, I don't know where it is, but I haven't looked for it either.

Not to get too far off the OP subject, which seems to be resolved. But the Malibu under my care was my wifes car until 2005 when she bought a Hyundai. She gave the Malibu to her daughter who promptly ran it into the gound. One positive note, her daughter did somehow find someone to pay for a tranny rebuild while it was under her care. In May her daughter died of cancer and the car came back into our lives. The car then was passed to my daughter. I'm trying to work the muliple issues out with it. Unfortunately, I have diabetic neuropothy in my hands and they're slowly dying. So, while I have most of the know how, mostly I have to direct my daughter to do the actual work. It's a real bitch to lose the functions of your hands after 60 years when that's all you've used to earn a living and enjoy hobbies.

07-20-2011, 01:06 PM
Tyrod, sorry to hear about your condition and i wish you the best.

yes, it was drivable in this condition, but when shifting from park to drive, it would make a loud noise.Believe me as much as i couldn't believe it myself, that was the case. I followed service repair manual instructions for checking level, and by the time the fluid was just dribbling out, i had almost 2 milk jugs full. It has a fill cap on the driver side, under crossover pipe as Ralph said. lucky i have small hands so i managed to get it off without getting burned to much..( I wasn't smart enough to take it off before the engine was hot). I'm assuming the person didn't know how to check the level so he probably added enough till he saw it in the fill reservoir, which is wayyyy to much