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: 01 malibu fuel and temp gauge inop

08-07-2011, 11:29 AM
Hi i have a 01 malibu 3.1l
The fuel and temp gauge is not working
the car was running fine both gauges worked and suddenly the fuel and temp gauge dropped . i heard a pop noise when it happened . the car runs ok otherwise.
I read that the pcm might be bad so i replaced it with another one and it still has the same propblem
I replaced lower manifold gasket on it . after that i started no notice the fan wouldnt come on ,found blown fuse ,replaced it and replaced fan relays .
I noticed that the fan was making growling noise when it worked so i replaced it as well. now this happened.
HELP Please .
Thank you

08-09-2011, 05:22 PM
Any lights on in the dash? Are the gauge needles in the sweep of the gauge or are they, in the case of the fuel gauge below E even though you have plenty of fuel? Sometimes if you disconnect the battery, when you reconnect it, the cluster sees a voltage spike and will drive the needles out of their normal sweep. The easiest fix is to pull out the cluster and kind of shake the cluster to work the needles around to where they're supposed to be. Some guys use a paper clip and through the trip reset button get the needle back to the proper place. Get back to us and tell us where the gauge needles are pointing and if you have any tell tale lights on in the instrument cluster.