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  1. jmanthony1987
    08-04-2016 06:16 PM - permalink
    Hello, I currently own a 2008 Chevrolet Malibu LS 2.4L currently has around 84,000 miles on it. I just discovered that i have a crack in the exhaust manifold going to the catalytic converter and I was wondering if this type of problem is something covered under the "special coverage 10134B" or any other warranty. I am not the original owner of the car but I do currently own the car.. I have a pretty clear picture of the crack but I am unsure how to attach it to this message. Any information would be extremely helpful, thank you very much.
  2. longman1987
    03-20-2016 11:47 PM - permalink
    pls whats is Chevrolet planning to do with the common problems with this rotor warping and front speakers kicking in an out almost everybody that owns a malibu has this issue
  3. Elchad
    03-09-2016 10:54 AM - permalink
    Is Chevrolet willing to do anything about the Wheel Bearing Issue in the Malibu's? I own a 2014 Malibu and the wheel bearings started "humming" at 30k miles. I became part of this forum to learn how Chevy was dealing with this if at all. Please let me know, I have owned Chevy's all my life and I would really like to brag about how Chevy treats their customers.

    Chad Stultz
    503 881 2725
  4. gakeanh
  5. Brian 500
    01-12-2016 08:02 PM - permalink
    Brian 500
    Hi Customer Care I have a 2013 LT Malibu and i have had 1 Wheel Bearing replaced and am going on a second one. My Dealer will not return my calls and I have had a few conversations on them fixing the first one which they refused siting i didnt have a warranty. My argument is this Wheel Bearings should be failing at this mileage. what do you suggest. I have had a few issues with this car that the Power Train warranty covered Oil Gasket failure Water Pump etc. So far I am not impressed with Chevy seeing this is my first time buying one.My Truck has about 220 K on it and no wheel bearing issues. I know it is Used but the mileage was right and I know it was a former rental car. Thats another issue, what are my potions here seeing that these are a faulty issue that should be recalled Thank You Brian Hutchinson
  6. joeyjoey
    02-08-2015 01:25 PM - permalink
    Hi. I put the following on a thread, but was it kinda hijacked, so I'll ask you directly.I have a 2013 malibu LT1. A couple of times in the past two or three weeks the mylink just shutoff and started again after a few seconds. Today it shutoff 3 times, twice on the freeway and once at the gas station. The last time the steering felt weird, like the power steering was going off and on very quickly. When I stopped, put it in park and turned off the engine, the key wouldn't turn all the way. I couldn't remove the key, as if the car was still in gear. When I tried to start the car, nothing. I had no power, no dashboard lights, no onstar. I was about to call roadside assistance but the odometer lit up and I was able to star the car and drive like normal. Did the car computer reboot itself or something? At the time I was playing music through the usb port. Would that have something to do with it? I have had this car since April, 2013 and only have under 13,000 miles on it.
  7. Chevrolet Customer Svc
    12-26-2014 07:21 AM - permalink
    Chevrolet Customer Svc
    Hi Kyle,

    I spoke with our internal team, and unfortunately, we were unable to find the answer you were looking for. You will have to visit your GM Certified Service Center for further technical assistance. Sorry we were unable to offer more help! Please let us know if you have any additional questions. We'll do our best to find help out.

    Amber N.
    Chevrolet Customer Care
  8. KyleMunster
    12-24-2014 01:22 PM - permalink
    Thank You! Look forward to hearing! Hoping it's the answer I want!!
  9. Chevrolet Customer Svc
    12-24-2014 12:10 PM - permalink
    Chevrolet Customer Svc
    You're welcome, Kyle! I sent your question to one of our internal teams that would be in the best position to help. Because of the holiday, it may take a bit longer to receive a response. However, I'll be sure to follow up with you as soon as I have an answer.

    Happy Holidays,

    Amber N.
    Chevrolet Customer Care
  10. KyleMunster
    12-24-2014 11:41 AM - permalink
    Hi Amber

    My VIN is Ff194419. Thank you!

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