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  • Answer069 ·
    If you shoot me your VIN I can look it up on Service Information and send you back a list of every option your car has. I work for a Chevy dealership.
    DrivenDaily ·
    When an individual is banned any thread they started is removed. On other threads just their posts are removed, but not the quotes found in the posts of other members.

    Sometimes we need to delete individual posts or edit them for content.

    The headlights can be aimed by using the vertical aiming screw. Lift hood, locate slot/hole behind headlight, find screw. Turn to adjust. Make small adjustments until you get it just right.
    velocity5 ·
    Do you guys delete old posts? I thought I saw some topics about owners being unhappy with the low beam headlights on the newer bu's at one time. I had the dealer check the aim. The low beams on a new impala loaner I had reached much further than mine.
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