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Summit White
Had one previous owner, bought it with 81k on it, I took very good care of that engine because I know they are prone to failure in the timing chains and valve trains. The previous did not, blew up the top end completely at 113K chains let go and wiped my head, cams, phasers, valves you name it and it broke. I re built the top end completely at 113k, I beefed up the timing chains and guides along with a brand new head, and multi layer head gasket from ZZP Performance. At 118K I tuned the car with HP Tuners, added stainless steel shorty headers, deleted the emissions (cat included) fixed the awful timing curve these engines have from GM, disabled long term fuel trims, increased pedal acceleration to 80%, increased throttle opening speed to about 75%, deleted all codes that are no longer in use so it will not go into limp or even register they are there. All new suspension, polyurethane motor and trans mounts, intake “mod” or “fix”, calibrated the MAF range, MAP, and the O2 for maximum AFR and Fuel economy 👍🏻


2.4L LE5 with custom HP Tuner, ZZP Shorty Stainless Headers, Cat and downstream O2 Delete, Factory Exhaust, intake “mod” or “fix”, OEM GM fog light conversion with 4 light mod and relay, 6500K beam tech LED low, high, and fog light bulbs, 6K LED JDM Switchback DRL turn signals with black headlight housings, LED taillights and reverse lights, JDM style tail lights, LED interior and dome lights along with license plate and trunk light, factory exhaust besides the headers, new MOOG suspension all the way around, Powerstop brake pads, BFG all season tires on factory chrome 18in rim, blacked out bow ties including steering wheel
Black and Silver
Summit White
Front: Rockford Prime 3 way 6.5in speakers
Rear: Rockford Prime 3 way 6x9in deck speakers
Trunk: 12in Rockford P1, Sealed Box,
Amp: Rockford Prime 500w amp
Wiring: 4g (+) and 4g (-), with 100amp in-line fuse
Low Beams: 6,500K BeamTech LEDs
High Beams: 6,500K BeamTech LEDs
Fog light (conversion): 6,500K BeamTech LEDs,
Parking lights: Sylvania 194 6K LED White

(Relayed in series with the Low Beams so they always come on when the lows are on, also have 4 light mod so the highs or the fogs do not shut off when highs are engaged.)

Front Turn Signals: JDM 6K DRL Switchback LEDs
Rear Turn Signals: Sylvania 6K LED Red turn signals
Reverse Lights: Sylvania 6K LED White bulbs
Side markers: Sylvania 194 6K LED White bulb
(All turn signals have load resistors as well)

Front Dome lights: Sylvania 194 6k LED White (x2)
Rear Dome light: Sylvania 6K LED White
Trunk light: Sylvania 194 6K LED White
License plate: Sylvania 194 6K LED White
ZZP Stainless Steel, 1 7/8 Shorty Headers, Custom 2.5in down-pipe, No cats, No emissions
Wheel and Tire
Factory Chrome 18in Malibu LT rim, BFG All Season Tires


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2012 Chevy Malibu LT2 LE5 2.4L Summit White
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