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March was born on December 23, 2011 at the Fairfax Assembly Plant. It was first purchased on March 23, 2012. My parents purchased the car brand new after months of only having one vehicle. This is the only car that they kept for more than a couple years. In early 2014, I began driving and first practiced in the Malibu. Around a year later, March was involved in an incident on the highway that left the front end permanently damaged. On a positive note, that summer March got its first rode trip and was able to experience Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi. In 2017, I made arrangements with my parents to acquire the car. I ended up paying them Blue Book price for then a 5.5 year old Malibu. Unfortunately, My parents refused to sign the car over into my name so it wasn't fully, legally mine. That same year, March surpassed 100,000 miles. The poor car was involved in a second incident in October 2018 which broke the plastic grill and more of the front end. But March came back from both incidents with a beautiful, brand new front end in May 2020. In June 2020, I finally owned March in legal terms. I have no plans on ever getting rid of the car, which means March is forever mine.
The Malibu did not get its name from its birth month, but from the month it was originally purchased in.
March was born the 23rd of December 2011, which makes the Malibu a Capricorn.
March's album is the Allman Brothers Band 1972 "Eat a Peach".
The car's song is "Blue Sky" from the same album.
March's color is [light] blue.
March's original plate was P645132.
I am hoping March is able to see the Fairfax Assembly Plant at least one more time.



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