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Heated Driver and Passenger Seats, Leather with Suede Seats, 18'' Chrome Rims, Power Driver Seat.
Purchased used in the summer of 2012. My first vehicle. My dad was graces enough to purchase me and my brothers first car. My brothers was a 2010 Pontiac G6 Sedan. I love my car and I will have it for a few more years till I upgrade to something new.
2011 Chevrolet Malibu (White)


I wanted a cold air intake, but haven't been able to find a company that offers one, so I'm stuck there.
Really haven't thought about anything I would want to do with the interior. Possibly adding a Police Scanner. I don't know if having a radar detector in the state of New Jersey is illegal, but I would like one of those also. That's about it.
So far I've only got my rims PlastiDiped black for two reasons. Just to change up the cars exterior and see how I liked the look, and also to help protect the chrome from salt on the roads. I have a couple plans and ideas, and that's why I've created this profile to get others ideas.

-Ideas / Plans-
-I love the 5 spoke look, so I would like to purchase the same rim in a dark chrome finish. Not sure how they look in person, I've only seen online photos.
-My buddy has a BMW M5, and he got all the chrome trim finished in black. I would want to do the same to my car. Grille trim, lower bumper chrome inserts, chrome strip on rocker panels, and the chrome around the windows.
-Getting the door handles, side mirrors, and possibly the roof painted black. The door handles and side mirrors would give the car a sportier look. A lot of car companies do that today on their sporty or expensive cars. Not 100% sure about the roof idea though.
-Honestly, I was thinking about a roof rack system. preferably a Thule AeroBlade roof rack system. I want this because I think cars with a roof rack have a unique sporty / utility vibe to them. Just my opinion.
-Weather Tech side window deflectors!
-LED Rear lights ( Brake, Reverse )
-HID Conversion hit for the head lights. I would want like a 5k-6k. I dont wan't blue lights, just a white light for better visibility.
-Ez Lip on my front bumper, I think it would give it a cool sporty look.
-An idea as a light bar, honestly I don't know how it would look on my car, and I also think other people would think it's stupid, but it was just a thought.
-Red Caliper Covers with a Chevy Bowtie Logo.
-Black Chevy Front and Rear Logos.

That's about it, the rims are negotiable. I also have thought about an LTZ style split 5 style rim with a PVD Chrome finish, I think that would look really good. But it's still up in the air, I have seen either rim in person.
Wheel and Tire
Like I mentioned before, I have thought about a few options.
-OEM style 5 spoke dark chrome rim. ( Same rim on my car now, just in a dark chrome finish )

-LTZ style split 5 style rim finished in a Dark PVD chrome.

I want to stick with GM parts or remanufactured OEM style parts. I don't want my car to be crazy wild, just small slick modifications that makes my car unique.



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