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Malibu 1LT
Summit White
Remote start, cargo mat and net, 4G.
2016 Chevrolet Malibu 1LT (Summit White)

"A Smaller Four Is a Better Four. The turbocharged 1.5-liter Malibu makes do with 87 fewer horsepower and fewer gear ratios when compared with the top-rank powertrain, but our test example weighed in at a svelte 3159 pounds—148 fewer than the Premier-spec 2.0-liter car we tested. While it gave up 0.1 g on the skidpad to its more expensive sibling, we feel the blown 1.5 offers a more nimble feel on the road than the heavier 2.0 turbo. While the 1.5 isn’t nearly as powerful as the 2.0, its 163 horses are delivered with significantly more smoothness. In fact, this may well be GM’s best four-banger."
Source: Car and Driver - 2016 Chevrolet Malibu Review

"If not an overtly sporty sedan, this spacious Malibu feels like a quality car, not at all like its many banged-together and shoved-out predecessors."
Source: Car and Driver - 2016 Chevrolet Malibu Review


My Malibu originally had a problem with inconsistent fill ups. Sometimes I would pump 11 gallons if I let it run to the low fuel light (normal). Sometimes I would pump 8 gallons if I ran to the low fuel light (not normal). After several complaints of inconsistent fill up, I got the dealer to enable the full 15.8 gallon fuel tank capacity (like the new 2018 1.5T Malibu). They installed part 23406970 which is a fuel pump and module used in the 2.0T and now 2018 1.5T models. Now I regularly enjoy a usable fuel tank range of around 500 miles. If I run down to the light, then pump to the first click, I always pump 14.0-14.2 gallons. View a fill-up here (from low fuel warning to first click):
Added WeatherTech FloorLiner mats to the front and rear. I added a console organizer. I swapped some yellows for some LEDs in the rear seat, trunk, and vanity mirrors.
Added some LEDs to the license plate.
I upgraded my sad little single USB to a dual USB. Now I can listen to music on one USB and plug a phone in like it's the 21st century.
Wheel and Tire
Changed the OE Goodyear Fuel Max to 225/55R17 Michelin Premier A/S for summer/all season use on stock 17" wheels. For my second set of All Season tires I went with Continental PureContact LS.

Installed 205/65R16 Blizzak WS80s for winter use and have now changed to WS90s I bought some OEM 16" wheels off eBay for $250 and they came with the center caps and TPMS sensors. I went with 205/65R16 on the 16s as that is the size they use on the LS 16" wheels.


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