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Malibu Eco
Taupe Gray Metallic
Bought new with 4 miles on it. One owner and hope to necessary many happy motoring miles in the future!
2013 Chevrolet Malibu Eco (Taupe Gray Metallic)


2.4L Variable Valve Timed, Direct Gasoline Injected 4 cylinder plus a 15kW (about 20HP) eAssist motor on demand that propels the car in certain situations and battery pack to go with it on Auto Stop feature. Great for saving gas and spewing out emissions when at a stop.
Only "change" I've made is a suctioned on iPhone holder on the right side of the driver's "eyebrow" so rather than carrying it in my lap I can use Siri and see what's going on.

I also have fresnel lense on the top of the drivers windshield so if I get too close to a traffic signal, I don't have to crane my neck if I'm first in line to see it go from red to green. Great little add on.
Only mods are Bow Ties grayed to match, de-badged MALIBU emblem and the piece de resistance so far, a RATT vinyl sticker on the rear bumper that is as close to the gray metallic I'd could find to make it subtle.

RATT is still around but they are one of my favorite glam rock bands from the 80s. Fun, sleazy, sexy and could write a great hard rock tune!
MyLink when it works. I my music from a 128GB flash drive, and connect my iPhone 6 for all the things that MyLink should do - so basically MyLink just is a head unit to allow my iOS devices do my navigating, music etc.
Wheel and Tire
Stock 17" alloy wheels and the low rolling resistance Goodyears that came stock.

I see this as a place where a future upgrade my see larger sized wheels/tires but I don't wanton to be so wasteful as to ditch perfectly working tires. I'm also waiting to see what other daring Eco owners adopt and how it works. :)



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