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  1. Gen 9 Problems/Service Issues/Troubleshooting
    For the past month I've have been getting the code for cylinder 1 misfire here and there. But it has been burning oil like crazy but I have always been on top of it. Also Ive noticed blowby when removing oil filler cap. So within 5mins of my check engine light coming on from my way home from...
  2. Gen 9 Buying and Leasing
    Hi all so i went to see the car and there was little white smoke and blow by coming out of the engine (dip stick) and I asked around some said it was normal because of the turbo so I need your help guys, if someone can send me a video or post a video of a normal engine with a perfect...
  3. Gen 9 Modifications
    So, I have the 2017 1.5 LT, I can’t wait for my tune to be set up. But I was thinking about getting a AEM cold air intake. In your guy’s opinion, would installing the tune, then installing the cold air intake and having TRIFECTA tune it again be too much power for my engine or trans? Honestly...
1-3 of 3 Results