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  1. Gen 5 & 6 General Discussion
    I’m looking to lower my car, but can’t seem to find anything on gen 6s or my year at all. I want to know if I can put coil overs on my car and does it need a specific kind?
  2. Gen 5 & 6 Problems/Service Issues/Troubleshooting
    Drove the Malibu to work and was parking and then when I was parking the car chimed and said about the power steering. It was really hard to turn but I parked and then turned of the car and went to work- coming from my mothers perspective. Can anyone help me? I would like it to be a simple fix...
  3. Gen 5 & 6 Problems/Service Issues/Troubleshooting
    Okay, so my Malibu (2006 Malibu Maxx LT 3.5) has always had issues with the windows since I got it, and I thought I had gotten them all fixed after replacing a broken window regulator and the worn out master window switch. But after I plugged in the the new genuine GM master window switch I...
  4. Gen 5 & 6 Problems/Service Issues/Troubleshooting
    Only asking because nobody that I can find (even went to dealer) lists replacement gaskets for this year and engine size. I can't imagine is doesn't have one and I can't find anything specific about it that is recent. I have read that there was an unused port in one head that causes one of...
1-4 of 4 Results