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  1. Anyone try to power their house from their Malibu Hybrid?

    Gen 9 Hybrid Forum
    Has anyone attempted to use their car as a generator during power failures? We are thinking of that and have found some OEM devices that let you do it. We don't quite know where to hook it up though. How much current can you draw continuously from the posts that lead to the battery? Does it...
  2. Stalling when coming to a stop

    Gen 8 Problems/Service Issues/Troubleshooting
    Hi CMF crew, Hope everyone is keeping safe during these uncertain times. Wanted to give everyone an update on an issue I had with my car and the solve. Thinking if any of you are having the same or similar issue, you can continue reading. Since mid-March, Canada has been on lock down due to...
  3. 2010 LTZ 2.4L ecotec Battery Light won't go away

    Gen 7 Problems/Service Issues/Troubleshooting
    I'm going to try not to be long-winded here. My car occasionally needed a jump for the past 6 months (just shy of 90k right now) so I'm considering battery replacement anyway. Take the battery to auto store a block away, tests out at 10V, i walk away with a replacement. I may have accidentally...
  4. Battery voltage fluctuation and occasional no restart

    Gen 8 Problems/Service Issues/Troubleshooting
    Hello all, I have a 2013 Malibu LT, I bought it of an auction and it appears to have a very irritating issue with the battery going dead. I am familiar with the charging system, but am hoping someone can give me a clue. Here is what happens. I start the car and the charging voltage starts at...
  5. Negative battery terminal corrosion

    Gen 7 Problems/Service Issues/Troubleshooting
    2011 malibu 2.4 liter flex fuel 6 speed automatic transmission. I wanted to see the battery age in my malibu. Have had it for a couple months.bought from dealership. They told me they checked the battery and it was fine. But I find corrosion tonight. Looks like been there a while. What causes...
  6. 2014 Malibu LS battery wont charge

    Gen 8 Problems/Service Issues/Troubleshooting
    Please help. Replaced alternator and new battery in the front. The battery in the front is not charging. When car is off battery is at 10.93 when car is on battery reads 11.00. I’m getting good readings at alternator and at rear battery in the trunk. What is the next course of action?