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  1. K&N CAI + Trifecta Tune Worth It?

    Gen 8 Modifications
    Hey guys, I have 2014 2.5L 1LT, currently with just the basic Advantage tune from trifecta meant for stock only vehicles. I’ve been considering getting a K&N cold air intake for it for a while, but after doing some more research, particularly reading other threads on here, the...
  2. 2014 2.5L Performance Upgrades via Underdrive Pulleys?

    Gen 8 Modifications
    Hello, I've heard from a few places that replacing current pulleys/pulley systems with underdrive pulleys can yield noticeable performance upgrades. Anybody have any experience doing this to their 8th gen? Is it a legit way to improve performance, and if so, where would I find the exact...
  3. Clicking noise brakes 2016 malibu limited

    Gen 8 Problems/Service Issues/Troubleshooting
    Just purchased 2016 malibu limited with 70k miles on it, there is a strange noise clicking when I put the brakes on, i brought it back to dealer to check it out and they said they could not find anything wrong and sprayed the breaks and now the noise is gone, i will be picking it up tomorrow but...
  4. Gen 8 transmission rebuild

    Gen 8 General Discussion
    Hello everyone ! Recently bought a 2014 Chevy Malibu lt with the 2.5l engine with 128,000 miles. Previously owned a 2012 Dodge Avenger that totaled in a wreck. When I bought this Malibu everything seems okay at first but weeks after purchase the trans starting shifting irregular and soon after...