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  1. Gen 7 General Discussion
    I have a very slow coolant leak that has been driving me crazy for some time now, starting in 2019. After several visits to the mechanic, no one seems to be able to solve this mystery, so I'm hoping someone here has had a similar experience and can help out. My vehicle 2008 Malibu LTZ with LY7...
  2. Gen 5 & 6 Do It Yourself Maintenance
    I got a cracked coolant hose (I think it runs to the heater core? I’m not great with technical terms. It sits behind the engine on the driver side and I’m leaking antifreeze like crazy) I’m just curious how difficult of a job this would be to fix myself and how expensive as I’m not sure what I’m...
  3. Gen 5 & 6 Do It Yourself Maintenance
    Could someone please help me identify this part? I've been looking for hours and cannot find any info on it.
  4. Gen 5 & 6 Problems/Service Issues/Troubleshooting
    i have a 2001 chevy malibu with the 3100 engine with 220,000 miles. it has been overheating to the point of water pump failure. i have replaced the water pump and thermostat. now, i have a coolant leak which is causing the car to overheat in 15 mins. i can only see the leak by looking from the...
  5. Gen 5 & 6 Problems/Service Issues/Troubleshooting
    Only asking because nobody that I can find (even went to dealer) lists replacement gaskets for this year and engine size. I can't imagine is doesn't have one and I can't find anything specific about it that is recent. I have read that there was an unused port in one head that causes one of...
1-5 of 5 Results