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  1. Gen 5 & 6 General Discussion
    I’m looking to lower my car, but can’t seem to find anything on gen 6s or my year at all. I want to know if I can put coil overs on my car and does it need a specific kind?
  2. Gen 5 & 6 General Discussion
    Hi, 07 maxx ss owner here just introducing myself. Had the car for about 2 years now and its iust about to roll over to 100k. Just here looking for any information and any sort of fun stuff that can be done with the car that i haven't heard about yet.
  3. Gen 5 & 6 Malibu Ride Showoff
    So, I am a Chevy Parts guy, and 2 years ago I lucked into a very well used 2003 Malibu with a 3.1. While getting Donuts one day a year ago, I found another local with a near identical "05 classic. Long story short-ish, I bought it from her a couple months ago feeling knowing they are 90% the...
1-3 of 3 Results