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  1. Gen 7 Malibu Ride Showoff
    sup y'all I have a 2010 2lt, heated leather and suede seats, sunroof blah blah blah it's pretty much fully optioned out. here's some pics and a list of stuff I've done/ have on hand and am waiting to do. interior -6.5 kicker cs front door speakers -6x9 kicker cs rear deck speakers -JBL gt- bass...
  2. Gen 9 General Discussion (Generation 9)
    I just recently bought rgb lights to put inside my 2017 Malibu lt. I want to hook the lights up to where they come on when my headlights auto turn on at night time or in the dark. I found a live wire in the exterior light control but it was for the dimmer, we tried hooking the lights up to that...
  3. Gen 7 Modifications
    FINALLY!!!! I've been begging OEMassive to produce headlights for our Malibu's ever since i got my Malibu fall of 2018. They look pretty sweet, what do you guys think? The only thing that might be problematic is that the reflector for the low beam looks smaller than stock so maybe less light...
1-3 of 3 Results