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  1. Gen 9 General Discussion (Generation 9)
    The internet has not been kind to me as a Malibu Hybrid owner. Not a lot of information to be found, and when it is found, it's always in a question without an answer. Anyways, I need to jump start my 2016 Chevy Malibu Hybrid and there isn't any info that I've been able to find. Do I connect...
  2. Gen 9 Problems/Service Issues/Troubleshooting
    I was told when I brought my 2016 malibu hybrid that the hybrid system was warranted for 80k. I was told yesterday that it needs to be replaced but it is not covered under the warranty. I have 70K miles. Dealer said that the batteries are only covered up to 40k. Anyone have any experience with...
  3. Gen 8 Problems/Service Issues/Troubleshooting
    I have had a horrible time with this 2013 Malibu Eco. New brakes, rotors, caliper, belt, battery, and timing chain. Now the day after getting the timing chain fixed, the battery voltage is reading 11.4 most of the time when I'm driving it. It has entered battery saving mode twice and each time...
1-3 of 3 Results