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  1. Gen 5 & 6 Modifications
    i just bought a 2005 chevy malibu, i dont know too much about the car but it has about 70K miles, but i really want to play around with this car and add horsepower and definitely add noise to it, but im not sure how to go about this and the best parts to get with it. any help? thanks
  2. Gen 9 Modifications
    so I have a 2016 Gen9 LS model and I really don't regret it. the car does great and served me perfectly for the past 2 years when i bought it. but recently I've started to notice that somethings aren't right. I've noticed that there are lots of dents on the paint and a lot of swirls and...
  3. Gen 7 Modifications
    LTZ Factory Fog Light Mods, or Converting an LS or LT to run Factory Fog Lights Gen.7 (2008-2012) Chevy Malibu LS, LT, LTZ Hey y’all I’ve seen a lot of people wondering how to either convert there LS and LT Malibu’s to run factory fog lights, and I have also seen a lot of LTZ owners asking how...
  4. Gen 7 Modifications
    GEN.7 MODS STOCK & TUNED (2008-2012) Chevy Malibu 2.4L Ecotec ( LE5 ) | LS, LT, LTZ | Non FlexFuel, Non California Emissions Hey y’all wanted to start a fun thread and just share some fun mods for the 2.4L LE5 don't matter if y’all are stock or tuned just here to share fun ideas with y’all...
1-4 of 4 Results