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  1. Gen 9 Modifications
    so I have a 2016 Gen9 LS model and I really don't regret it. the car does great and served me perfectly for the past 2 years when i bought it. but recently I've started to notice that somethings aren't right. I've noticed that there are lots of dents on the paint and a lot of swirls and...
  2. Gen 7 Modifications
    LTZ Factory Fog Light Mods, or Converting an LS or LT to run Factory Fog Lights Gen.7 (2008-2012) Chevy Malibu LS, LT, LTZ Hey y’all I’ve seen a lot of people wondering how to either convert there LS and LT Malibu’s to run factory fog lights, and I have also seen a lot of LTZ owners asking how...
  3. Gen 7 Modifications
    GEN.7 MODS STOCK & TUNED (2008-2012) Chevy Malibu 2.4L Ecotec ( LE5 ) | LS, LT, LTZ | Non FlexFuel, Non California Emissions Hey y’all wanted to start a fun thread and just share some fun mods for the 2.4L LE5 don't matter if y’all are stock or tuned just here to share fun ideas with y’all...
1-3 of 3 Results