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  1. Gen 9 Do It Yourself Maintenance
    Hello My 2021 Chevy Malibu 1.5 (cvt transmission) has already 45.000 miles. owners manual recommend change transmission fluid and filter every 45.000. does anyone know how to change the filter? I only found information about changing the fluid but not the filter. Any diagram would be great...
  2. Gen 8 Do It Yourself Maintenance
    Malibu LTZ 2.0t Oil: 5W-20 Brand: Valvoline Synthetic Mileage: every 6,000 Oil Filter: ? (I want to buy from Amazon) Brand: ? (I want to buy from Amazon) Can anyone give me some input? From: Mediocre Mechanic / Mechanical Engineer lol not joking
  3. Gen 9 General Discussion (Generation 9)
    Getting ready to perform an oil change on my 2017 Malibu (1.5) and was wondering if anyone uses the Mobile 5w30 Dexos Gen 3 oil? I have only used the Gen 2 but my local store is only carrying the Mobile Dexos Gen 3 moving forward. For what I’m seeing online the newer gens are backwards compatible.
  4. Gen 8 General Discussion
    Hello all I am new here.. I have a malibu 2014 LT. It has 87k miles. Last time I went for a regular oil change I was told that I should change the transmission oil also... Should I take it in to be changed or is it too late? GM dealer or valvoline? Thanks
  5. Gen 8 General Discussion
    I don't do my own oil changes for a variety of reasons, but I'm starting to balk at the cost of getting synthetic oil changes from a service shop. Jiffy Lube wants to charge me $85 and TiresChoice is $69 (compared to $25 for conventional). My question is: do I have to get synthetic oil or will...
  6. Gen 9 How-To
    This is an informal guide for the DIYer that wants to learn but is a little unsure. It is not a professional guide, there might even be typos. If you disagree with something, don't use the guide or write your own. This user (me), the forum, staff, nor anyone else is responsible for failure to...
1-6 of 6 Results