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  1. Installed aftermarket amp and 2 12 in kicker comp rs help plzz

    Gen 9 General Discussion (Generation 9)
    So my bf installed my after market system in mu car it was great after we started the car i went to go for a drive well when i hit the breaks it was like i was dragging something so then i shut the car Off and turn it back on amd the check engine light comes on and its still sounds like a...
  2. 2012 stereo removal

    Gen 7 Modifications
    Hi, i need some advice for my 2012 malibu LT, i was told to put the car into the lowest gear and turn the parking break on to remove the stereo, but my car only goes into manual mode. Will this work the same and can you turn the car off while its in gear? i dont want to short anything out while...
  3. Head unit change?

    Gen 8 General Discussion
    I have a 2014 Malibu LTZ without the Pioneer system. I want to upgrade my sound system, but I'm torn on whether replacing the factory MyLink head unit with an aftermarket will make a noticeable difference, or will changing all the speakers, adding a sub, and amping all of it be good enough. Thanks.