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  1. Gen 7 Modifications
    Hey has anyone got 2 skar 12s in the trunk without taking the seats out of an 2011 malibu
  2. Gen 9 Modifications
    Hello everyone, I am trying to figure out which wires in the head unit are the rear speakers. I am running a LOC for the amp. It’s a Lt with Bose system. There are three plugs, green, brown and black. Im assuming the green is the speakers….. best guess. I see a lot of post blue/black etc….. but...
  3. Gen 9 Modifications
    I just got a amp and subs installed in my 2020 but now I'm having some issues. I'm getting feed back which I'm assuming is the noise cancelation. And then the auto stop no longer works and my android auto cuts in and out at times.. Any thoughts?
  4. Gen 8 Modifications
    I'm trying to install a sub in my 2013 malibu, but I can't seem to find the radio wiring diagram for the head unit, so I don't know which wires go to the speakers for my high level input on my amp. Is there a diagram that shows what the pinouts are on the radio harness rather than giving simply...
  5. Gen 9 Modifications
    I have a 2019 Malibu lt. Non bose sound system. I am trying to install a system but every video i find on YouTube is very different to my car. I do not have the factory amp in the trunk like all the videos I have seen and can’t seem to locate it. So if anyone can help out with how to get it done...
  6. Gen 7 General Discussion
    I have a 2012 Malibu Ls, and I wanted to swap out my alternator from my 2.4cl for a higher output alternator, generally the one from the V6 LTZ, is it plug and play?? If you were wondering why, it’s for my ????
1-6 of 6 Results