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  1. Gen 7 Modifications
    Im thinking of putting a Turbo on my 2.4 ecotec. Was curious if anyone has done it? Do y'all think it would get better MPG. And I wonder if the stock motor can handle a Turbo or would I need to rebuild the engine. Any ideas or suggestions.
  2. Gen 8 Modifications
    Hey guys, I have 2014 2.5L 1LT, currently with just the basic Advantage tune from trifecta meant for stock only vehicles. I’ve been considering getting a K&N cold air intake for it for a while, but after doing some more research, particularly reading other threads on here, the...
  3. Gen 9 Modifications
    Looking for advice and suggestions for making my turbo more noticable sound wise. Been looking around, cant seem to find any details to the cold air intake that is specific to my 1.5L V4 malibu. Would greatly appreciate the help. I've watched videos that suggest doing a straight down pipe where...
1-3 of 3 Results