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  1. Gen 9 Problems/Service Issues/Troubleshooting
    Hi, I recently exchanged my 2019 Cruze lease for a 2022 Malibu. Everything worked out great, except for one infotainment connectivity issue. I have a 7th Generation iPod Nano on which USB playback worked fine via a USB cable with the infotainment system in the 2019 Cruze. However, it does not...
  2. Gen 8 Problems/Service Issues/Troubleshooting
    The device isn't saved in the device history, nor is it a bluetooth device. It was on here when I got the car.
  3. Gen 8 Problems/Service Issues/Troubleshooting
    My usb aux on my malibu stopped working on newer iphones but will still work on certain older phones. Does anyone know of a solution. Or maybe if it’s a problem with my phone or if it is a problem with the car. I’ve tried 3 different new iphones and none work. But the Iphone SE did work. It...
1-3 of 3 Results