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Hi all.

I just found this forum. I own and drive a white 2004 Chevy Malibu Classic, with the 2.2 L Ecotec. A nice, no-frills mid-size sedan, with decent power for a four-cyliner, a comfy ride but decent handling if you run good tires.

The fuel economy is not quite what I hoped for, but still decent for a car this size with auto tranny. Actually it's pretty good on the highway---31-33---but as soon as you mix in 'any' stop and go driving mpg tails off quite a bit.

It's been trouble-free, knock wood, apart from replacing the front brakes; I take it that's a rite of passage for Bu drivers, especially from the earlier generations, such as my Classic. (based on the 1997-2003 retail Bu)

My buggy started its life as a Hertz rental car, in March 2004. I bought it used, from a local Ford (!) dealer, in November 2005, with 30K on it almost to the mile. I got a good deal, but it could have been better, had I known then how much less a Classic books for compared to a retail Malibu. Live and learn.

I like the roomy trunk, the child door locks, (which I learned about by accident, when a passenger could not escape from the back seat), the DRL+automatic headlights, and the overall cabin design and interior, which gets panned mercilessly even by fans of the car.

To me simple is better in a daily driver at this point in my life. Someday, when my larder is fuller and I spend big bucks on a nice ride, then I will worry about fine touches and "fru fru" stuff.

For now, this car suits me well. I will seriously consider another Malibu for my next car purchase, though I have my eye on a few others, too. I hope that does not get me booted off this forum before I begin.

Most of the discussion here seems to focus on the new 08-09 Bu and to some extent the previous 04-07 generation. Are Classic drivers and those with 97-03 style Bu's (I am both) the redheaded stepchildren here?

Anyway, this looks like a good group. Fun and loose but not (too) crude, plus actual car information passed around. I'll keep lurking and will post again when I have thoughts worth sharing.



in Pennsylvania

white 2004 Malibu Classic
2.2 L Ecotec
built 02/04 in Lansing, Michigan
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