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05 4cyl, P0107, where is MAP sensor?

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Car is 2005 4 cyl Malibu
I've had damage done to 3 different vehicles by the neighborhood groundhog. A couple weeks ago on my Malibu. He chewed up wires to the MAF, a A/C pressure switch, and to a multiconductor connecter that's in front of the intake manifold. The car barely started and was running on like 2 cylinders. Spliced all the wires and it was ok.

There could be other critters around but I've seen the groundhog. He ran up under my truck. I popped the hood and chased him out and he went straight to the Malibu. It took 20 minutes to chase him out of the Bu. He would just move around under the car. Next day I found out he ate thru the wires to the AC compressor.

Noticed the check engine light tonight and the P0107 MAP code is set. I can't see any more eaten wires. My scanner shows a fixed 10 for the MAP data point. Can anybody tell me where the MAP sensor is?

I'm gonna start shopping for a live animal trap tomorrow.
John D
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Got MAP location and troubleshoot info from Alldata system at library. Map sensor is hidden under stuff but you can see it when you know where to look. Alldata info says remove throttle body to get to it. I think I can get the connector off to troubleshoot it.
Engine seems to run ok in spite of problem. It might be burning more gas.
New animal trap is in driveway
I found an open gray wire in the harness in front of the engine.
I pulled the C2 connector off the PCM so I could ring out the wires.
I disconnected the battery before pulling off the PCM connector.
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