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so im here first before i go to a mechanic. cause mechanic shops have been breaking the car more than they have fixed it.
my current problem is a grinding noise. its not the engine because it gets faster as i go faster. and slows down as i do.
i put the car on jack stands and put it in neutral and as i manually turn the wheels, it is making a "clicking" or "knocking" noise
i want to know what it might be before i go to a mechanic or if i can do it my self. i would rather do it my self
also i have not had my fluids checked. i should probably do that.
i have 220K miles.
its a 2006 malibu 2.2 LS
i dont have to money to just guess what it might be. or for a mechanic to break more things.

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That sounds like the classic CV joint that clicks when it has to bend while moving, except for one thing: the trans was in neutral, so that means that the axles were not spinning.

That sound when turning could be the strut bearings (easy fix most of the time), but may reveal the need for additional parts.

The noise while moving could be a wheel bearing.
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