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06 Maxx SS MPG

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My 2006 Malibu Maxx SS (3.9L V6) is averaging 13.67 mpg. My last fill up was 11.6 mpg!
I purchased this vehicle a month ago and track my mileage on every fill up. This is not the information coming from the computer, these are my calculations based on miles driven between fill ups.
I replaced the EVAP purge valve and got a new gas cap after a code. The CEL hasn't gone off since.

Any ideas on why the vehicle is getting HORRIBLE gas mileage?
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I came from a Maxx with the 3.9. Super great reliable car that I lost to a deer. MPG will depend a lot on type of driving. If driving around the city 13-14 isn't that far off and definitely not horrible compared with the car's capability. The car is rated for 16 city 24 highway I got about 17 in mixed driving. Since you have 15 years of unknown history I'd start with plugs and O2 sensors. I found the O2 sensors finicky make sure you get OE. You should be able to get a couple MPG back.
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