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08 Malibu steering issue

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Greetings all,

My wife has an 08 malibu w/ 4 cylinder (2.4) and the steering has become harder to turn especially while starting from a red light, stop sign, etc. -almost feels like the power steering is not engaging.

she called a little bit ago and said that at hwy speed the wheel pulls right to left. while sitting at a stop sign the other day i noticed that with the wheel at an 1/8th to a quarter turn to the right, the wheel shook right to left repeatedly.

not sure what the issue could be. we are out of warranty at 41k so if this is something that we can diagnose, this would be very beneficial!

wheel acts like this in the video:

thanks for the help...
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It's a problem with the Electric Power Steering module. Take it to the dealer... I believe there is an associated recall.
I would keep on the dealer about it... get the number for your local GM Customer Service rep and bug the hell of out of them too.

GM has recalled the Cobalt and its clones because of this issue... all share the same power steering module with the 2.4 Malibu (as well as the G6, HHR and Aura). I wouldn't be surprised if we see this recall expanded to cover all of those vehicles in the near future.

Warranty or no the power steering shouldn't fail after 3 years.
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