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2.0T Mishimoto Catch Can Kit for an ATS

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Hi there! I just wanted to let yall know that it's possible to modify the catch can kit Mishimoto sells for the ATS to work in the 2.0T Malibu. I've included some pictures and all you'll need to do is get some new piping (I kept most of the original which is pre-bent aside for a small section that wasn't long enough, but I recommend replacing most of it).

The only other modification is bending one of the mounts as you'll see in the pictures.
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Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood Car Automotive design

The left mount comes originally 2 90-degree angles and what I did was basically used a vice to flatten them out a bit to fit. The piping that goes from it to the Y splitter is the one I replaced due to length. It's not pretty but it works and there's probably better ways to do it but here ya go!
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I used the Mishi kit for an LTG Camaro and heavily modified it for my car. See here: catch can
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