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2.4L Air Cleaner Outlet Duct a.k.a. Engine Cover

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Air Cleaner Outlet Duct Replacement on 2.4L

1. Reposition the hose clamp (1) away from the end and remove the PCV hose.
2. Loosen both of the outlet duct clamps (2).
3. Pull the air cleaner outlet duct (3) straight up to detach the ball studs.

Tighten clamp (2) to 4 N·m (35 lb in).

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Since the air intake and engine cover are molded as one piece, are the extensions off the intake tube solid or hollow? If they're hollow, do they open up into the intake?

What i'm thinking of doing if taking my dremel and cutting the engine cover away from the intake and leaving the cover off the engine. I'm just wondering if cutting through the extensions that hold them together would cause a leak into the intake.
I didn't realize that they were one piece. Looks like a good opportunity for an aftermarket product.
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