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2.4L Air Cleaner Outlet Duct a.k.a. Engine Cover

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Air Cleaner Outlet Duct Replacement on 2.4L

1. Reposition the hose clamp (1) away from the end and remove the PCV hose.
2. Loosen both of the outlet duct clamps (2).
3. Pull the air cleaner outlet duct (3) straight up to detach the ball studs.

Tighten clamp (2) to 4 N·m (35 lb in).

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This is one reason why I joined this forum. I wish to do away with all the snap on pretty plastic pieces that retain heat/limit access to the engine.

I was hoping there was already a thread or two about a quick and easy (cheap) way to route tubing from the TB to air filter housing that is not an eyesore. I'm thinking about doing away with that plastic housing too. I need to come up with a ducting material that won't be prone to heat sink. And I don't want the typical aftermarket CAI that locates the filter in the hot engine bay.

Might have to use a different 72mm MAF as the Bu's MAF is integral.

I am not intentionally looking for more power, MPG or throaty sound. But those would be a bonus.

Definitely not looking for a home depot CAI.
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