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2000 base malibu overheating

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hoping this forum is active enough to help with my old lil car, but ive been having overheating issues. its at 127k mileage and ill admit i have not been easy on it. i drove from arkansas to arizona to move in with family and along the way i had overheating issues and had to get the water pump replaced, it barely made it the rest of the way before overheating again. my moms bf flushed and cleaned everything and it was running good for a while until some battery issues, i got a new bat and the issues vanished, but now im back to overheating issues. i cant drive more the. 5 minutes before my temp gauge starts rising rapidly, im great on coolant and nothing seems to be leaking, it still drives fine but after a short period the temp will rise faster than im comfortable. could this be a trans issue, radiator, or thermostat. id like to find an easy fix for my lil car!
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Along with what @Drunken Elvis recommends, check the thermostat, too.
Yes! Mixing different types of coolant, normally associated with their colors, can turn into gelatin goo from the chemical reaction when they meet and mix.

If you replace the coolant (again), use the right stuff for the types of metals in your cooling system. That's why there are different formulations. If you're not sure what to use, you can Google some info and remember that the internet is full of opinions, but not always facts. If you don't feel like doing all that, then use what GM says to use.

Also, they recommend filling with distilled water to keep the dissolved solids from hard water from forming deposits inside the cooling system.
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