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2002 Chevy Malibu Sometimes doesn't crank

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My car will sometimes decide not to start; sometimes the starter doesn't activate, the problem occured when I replaced the starter once the original died. I replaced the battery and the alternator this year as well; before I learned that my starter was failing. My vehicle has around 204k miles on it I'd just like to be able to have it last me till November, here's a 12 minute video of my problem.

The problem only seems to occur when the vehicle is hot, starts up cold like a dream, and only seems to have the problem after it's been driven for a while and is hot. I have a hypothesis that it's a fuel pump issue. When the car started after this video the problem didn't happen again that day so it feels like it's random.

I was so persistent to get the vehicle to start while recording the video because I was returning to work as a delivery driver!
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