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2003 Gold Malibu!

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I put on some extra wheels for the winter, waiting for summer to put some shiny wheels back on.. Summer is a long ways away though.

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VERY nice engine! you really kept it really clean! i am impressed! nice car btw!
I am trying to keep everything clean but we just got a crap load of snow, so mud/ dirt/ water so it is starting to look a bit dirty. I HATE SNOW!

I have to get a alignment this week and here are a few more things I am thinking about doing.

Replacing Front Rotors this week.
Replacing Brake Pads this week.
35% Window Tint?
New Rims when the better weather rolls around.
- Blacked out rims?
- All Chrome?
- Chrome & Black?
Maybe American Racing Phantom?
rims.... I would say do something like mine... Most black with little bit chrome... but yeah i always wanted to have blacked out rims but i would say little bit chrome... since your car is gold you need little bit of chrome... little bit of chrome won't hurt...

35% tints are awesome! i have them on my car all around and it is great my fiancee wished she kept it on her altima... she removed it long time ago because she thought it was too dark and then now she wished she have it because of sun... it protects you from sunburn!! she actually got little sunburn from not having 35% tint on her car!!

Good luck with your alignment and brakes!! i am putting eibach springs on my car!

I know how you feel with snow... sometimes it's a pain in @$$... but yeah... gotta love snow sometime for fun...
Tinted windows tomorrow at 9AM....
Can't wait to see it!! post it as soon as you get it done!!!
i changed the oil and oil filter today and had the windows tinted.
looking much better!!! I likey!! :)

Well I just E-Filed my taxes and more extra play money should be in the bank in a few days.
Picking up a Glock 19, but the rest of the money is going into the car.

1. New Wheels ( Black/ Chrome? )
2. Oil Change.
3. K&N Oil Filter.
4. K&N Air Filter OR Cold Air Intake W/ K&N?
5. New Belts.
6. New Sounds System.
7. Orange Neon Under Lights?
Awesome... can you get me a glock as well?! Lol it would be nice to have one for myself...

1. BLACK! dude.. BLACK! maybe polished lips...
3. Awesome
4. I have Cold air intake with K&N, it works better for me...
5. Which belts? BOTH??????
6. New sounds system! What are you thinking about getting for that?
7. Underlights are too overrated and illegal... (i used to have green under lights... looks awesome but nah... too much haggle with cops... and plus they [edited] BROKE IT!!! :mad: ) I don't think it's worth the haggle....
8. LOWER IT (don't torch it please :) )
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