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So, instead of getting the Metra with the chime and interface, I cheaped out and bought a scosche dash kit that came with the GM05B harness, and antenna adapter.

Hooked everything up and had no power. U noticed the harness came with an extra red wire and a little copper piece. I also noticed there was no red wire on the factory harness. I had it hooked up to positive wire on the back of my cigarette lighter outlet and other to stereo harness. And bam! Power!

Left it alone for a while and came back and stereo is hot. It had been on the whole time car was off. I came from nissan where 12v Jack's dont work unless car is on. So I took the red wire and little copper piece and hooked it around a fuse that only turns on when car is started.

So what I'm wondering is has anyone else done this? And is it safe? Thanks..
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