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2005 LS rear noise/rattle and Lights on fan controller not lit

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I have an '05 LS sedan and it has an annoying rattle which sounds like it's coming from the rear passenger side of the car. I've done some reading but haven't found anything worth following up on. I have GM full shop manuals and going into the rear decklid involves disabling the SIR so I don't want to fool around with the crash sensor in that area unless absolutely necessary.

I also noticed that some of the bulbs don't light anymore on my heater/temp/air direction controller board. The bulbs are not replaceable unless you know how to solder. I grabbed a new board from the wrecker and the same bulbs don't light up. Any ideas? I have a picture on my web page - go to the bottom and then scroll up. I have checkmarks on the bulbs that light up. I use the fan controller a lot because it allows me to achieve a lower idle when the fan is off and I'm sitting at a light. Yes, I'm a hypermiler.
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@ SS:
I'm not as technically savvy about links and I clicked on it in his other thread. It was some interesting reading!

@ 05ls:
You can go to Radio Shack and pick up some 12V bulbs. They have a red and a white wire and are about $1.50 each. I just fixed a friend's 2001 Impala climate control that had 2 bulbs not working. The original bulbs were on leads instead of wires, which enabled them to be bent over sideways onto the board, but with your ingenuity I'm sure you can get yours to sit correctly. Maybe a little dab of hot glue. Don't forget to put those blue covers back on!

There have been other threads on this site dealing with rattles from the rear (and we're not talking about farts!), but I don't recall all of the issues. One of them mentioned that the trunk floor cover over the spare was actually the source. I think another found the spare and/or jack wasn't tight. And yet another discovered Jimmy Hoffa's body! ;)

Like Starship suggests you would be wise to post your pics to Photobucket, Flickr, or similar, then post them here. You hover over the image and copy the IMG link. When you paste it here it actually puts the image in the post! I think you're limited to 4 images per post.
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Also, if you want to replace the mini bulbs with LEDs you ought to be fine, but LEDs are polarized, so you'll have to determine which terminal is + and which is -. Not hard, but just be aware. :cool:
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