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2006 Chevy Malibu Problems

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So I purchased the car about a month ago, after a test drive I noticed some things needed to be fixed and the dealer was able to fix them. This is what was fixed, the driver/passenger side door lock buttons would only unlock, not lock. The steering wheel would jerk sometimes when turning and the ABS light would flash for a split second.

After those were fixed, the car had no problems for about a week (funny, huh? everything always works perfectly at the dealership, but then you take it home and the real problems show)

Anyways, I was putting on seat covers one day, decided to put the car in my neighbor's drive way while i installed them, after I finished installing them, I try to start the car and it wouldn't start, it would crank and even let out black smoke from the exhaust but it wouldn't start. After I had a friend come take a look at it, and giving it gas while starting the car, it started and let out white smoke for a couple hours, but after a 20minute drive all seemed well.

After that incident, now it starts 95% of the time, the other 5% it would start then stall, unless I give it gas. I took it to a mechanic and he said no tune up is needed, and the problem isn't the fuel pump, it could be the ignition switch, but he's not 100% sure and doesn't want to replace it unless he is 100% sure.

Another problem I'm having is the doors would seem to magically unlock themselves while I'm driving. I don't know what could be causing that, but that issue recently escalated, the doors now unlock themselves when the car is off. Earlier today I went to my car, and just pulled the door handle and the car opened but the alarm went off (I'm 110% sure I locked it the night before).

Is anyone experiencing these issues? or does anyone know what can be done to fix them?

I really appreciate any help.
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On the mysterious unlocking issue, you might be suffering from the dealership's technician doing an overhaul of the switch but not getting it quite right. That could result in loose connections that don't stay where they should making contact when you don't expect it.

Or your BCM (body control module) could be experiencing a fault.

Or there could be water or condensation inside the lock/unlock switch. Did the windows get tinted recently? Did the detailers use too much spray cleaner that ran down into the switch? Is there an issue with the rubber cover on the lock motor? Any one of those could have caused this to happen.

Do a search on this site and you may find some posts that mention these. Could help you get to the bottom of it sooner.
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