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2007 Chevy Malibu Steering Rack and Pinion Replacement

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Hello all,
I brought my car in for an alignment (slight drift, just replace rear shocks, front struts, power steering torque sensor) and was told they cannot do the alignment due to the power steering rack being loose internally and that I need a left front tie rod and to replace the rack and pinion assembly. I did some research and am noticing people having a clunk-like noise sometimes while driving which happens often for me as well.

I did not find many helpful tutorials when searching for DIY rack and pinion replacement on the 2007 Chevy Malibu, does anyone have any helpful links that could help me get this job done?
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The steering rack is not know for problems so I would be sure to check other things first. The intermediate shaft can cause a clunk and is subject to a TSB or recall. The torque sensor was also the subject of a recall. Perhaps a second opinion from another alignment shop is in order.
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Spraying some lube into/onto the intermediate shaft might cure the clunking sound. If this alone is the cure, changing the rack may be unnecessary. It could also be just the pinch bolt [rack to shaft] that needs to be re-seated. There used to be a lot of information about this problem on the web.
Point is, address the intermediate steering shaft before replacing the rack.
Here is an old video about the problem.
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