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2008 chevy malibu LS wont start and only cranks.

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hello, I currently have a 2008 Chevy Malibu ls with 140,000 miles. The car used to randomly shut off and then I would have to wait a while and it would start up again. fast forward two months and now it does not start at all, the car will just crank and not start. I took the fuel line off and turned the key and gas shot out( rules out the fuel pump). I took one spark plug out and turned the key and got spark(rules out not getting spark). The power locks also stopped working around the same time, the trunk and hood pop still works though. All the electronics work on the dash, all the lights work too. Any help would be appreciated, im posting on here hoping there was someone in the same boat as me at sometime and will have the answer, thanks:).
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Can almost guarantee it's the gray wire running into that trunk fuse box.
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