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2008 Malibu LT2 Buying Questions!

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My name is Austin, and i currently am in the process of trading in my Hyundai Tiburon for a '08 Malibu LT2. I'm located in IA, and the dealers asking price is $19,998. What do you think OTD would be? I've never bought such a new car...kind of excited! It has the V6 motor, premium wheels, leather, power seats, heated seats, and i think that is all the additional features it has. The car has 8500 miles on it, and the KBB value is 23k+. I wanted to check on here and see if that you guys think this is a good deal or not. Also, any other pre-purchase advice you can give me would be awesome. What discounts would i maybe be eligible for at this time of the year? Also, anyone know if their is still a military discount with GM? Anyhow, i'm set to go back thursday for an appointment to send in financing information, so i'd like to hear from you owners/knowldegable people as to what things i should go for. I test drove the car, and didn't get a chance to punch it above 3k at all, and above 4k is where i heard the v6 takes off. I did get a chance to try to paddle shifting, i believe it is a 6sp correct? No fog lights or LED tail lights like the LTZ, but i sure can't afford that model. After reviewing various threads and cars for sale, the under 20k tag looks great to me! Advised me that the regular warranty would continue, and

Thanks ahead of time for your help. I appreciate it very much. I've been a member of various forums for years, and i can for sure say that many of us would be way out of line if it weren't for people's advice given on forums!

Austin Bell
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I also just found a 1-owner 2008 Malibu LTZ for 19,998, with 11k miles!! To me that sounds like a fantastic deal?

I hate the whole jumping between dealer process...
That's good about the LTZ!!

I would say that's a good deal. Just be advised it's not real leather.. it's a fake leather/rubber outline and suede inserts. GM calls this "UltraLux". You'll love the V6 in the Malibu. I have it and push it to the limits on a daily basis.. just be advised that torque steer is CRAZY!! GM does still offer the military discounts, you'd have to speak with the dealer about getting that.. I can't promise you'd qualify for that though if you're buying used.. I think it might only apply to new vehicle purchases.. Yes, the V6 engines have a 6-speed transmission.. I can't really think of anything.. obviously the LTZ option for the same price would be preferable but the 2LT is VERY nicely equipped and you'd be happy with either with no regrets! Good luck with everything. Let us know if you have any other specific questions we're pretty friendly here haha
Thanks for the reply! I'll check on the military discount, sure would be nice ;-) I'm going to look at the LTZ and test drive it friday. How are the banks with financing these days? I know dealers are desperate, but our banks offering good rates? Are the rates adjustable or fixed for life? I deal with mortgages...never bought a car i've had to finance! I'm trading in my '03 Tiburon, so i'll owe around 13k the last dealer said. The seats didn't feel like leather, but they aren't as bad as the leather/Pleather in my tiburon! Feels like plastic...haha. I like the LT2, because the seats are suede where the seat heaters are....kind of a nice combo. But, obviously the LTZ package is nicer...gotta love fog lights. Well hey, i'll keep you updated as i'm headed to the dealer tomorrow. The LTZ is at a used car dealership, with a certified carfax 1 owner history, while the other is a honda dealership with a carfax report as well. Let me know of other advice, otherwise i'll get back to you on an update!

Thanks again,

Btw, i know you are all capable of giving the new guy a hard time, so feel free :)
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Austin I know you are excited but please slow down and take some time to do your home work before you decide to strike the deal. This is the buyer market. The price quoted on your LT2 is high at this time. KBB values are out-dated in this doom market. Couple of days ago, I found a brand new 08 LT2 on Ebay for 18K + TTL + dealer fee. Check Ebay, CarMax to compare your deals. Make sure you know all options included on the car. For Example, on 08 2LT, the premium audio package can cost as much as $500!
If you buy new cars, you can get some rebates going on right now with 08 and 09 model. They can be as much as $1500 and will expire 01/05/2009. Check out Chevrolet web site for the rebates. What rate you can get for your loan does not only depend on the market but significatly depends on your credit history. If you could buy a house, you definitely can buy a car! Good luck with your shopping of the Bu.
Take your time and look around, the dealers are pretty hungry now.
Have you checked out the three larger dealers near you?
Homework i have been doing, i've done all sorts of various reviewing and researching as far as what car i would like. Now, i'm at the point to search prices and options like you've stated. The LTZ looks like a good price at 20k, but i may be able to haggle them a bit. I will search ebay and such too. The LT2 price does seem high after quite a bit of research, so i notified them to postpone that financing process as i don't want to haggle a price on a car i'm not completely satisfied with. (i would like the LTZ model) One thing i've learned so far in this ongoing process is not to settle for anything less than basic pricing and options i would like. It's not a desperate point, it's a buying market like you said.... and for sure don't want to be trading in the car for something i do like down the road. I'll test drive that LTZ and get back with you. The LT2 road VERY quiet and smooth, but i heard the LTZ is a bit less-smooth with the larger wheels.

Thanks again for your information.
ok take this into account. you will get your best deal at the end of the month and the winter is a better time than the spring or summer in most cases to buy. at the end of december they will have a yearly quota and a monthly quota to meet . now for some dealers this will not matter they are no where close to meeting it so they will not have as much incentive to discount as some others will. as far as fianancing go here and join you should qualify if you are military no problemo. they have 4.75% new or used new up to 72 months and used up to 60 months. also look here they will post the price discounted right on the net. if they can sell it for that price so can others.

Definitely take your time. I just bought a 08 2LT 4cyl GM certified with 13,000 miles for $15,500. It has a clean car fax. I was also looking at a 08 1LT with 700 miles for $16,250, but I really liked the additional options on the 2LT. Shop as much as you can. I know there will always be a better deal somewhere, but I think you can do better if buying used. I would stay away from any mom and pop dealerships. I would also take any used car you are looking at and have it inspected by an independent shop for frame damage and paint work. You can't always trust car fax reports.

08' Malibu 2LT 4cyl
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