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2008 Malibu was having starting issues Now battery issues

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I came home from store at 4:30 am an when I left again at 10:45 am I saw I had left one light on inside,
I thought oh no,
But the car cranked with a little hesitation.
I thought good now I'll just drive it an make sure the alternator changes the battery back.
But thought let me go get the battery an alternator checked because the next few key turn on was dragging more an more each time.
Went to o'Reillys they first tested alternator, then battery an said both was good.
Then said let me check starter,
Came back all three was good.
I asked well can you hear the dragging he said yes you'll just have to wait till something breaks.
So the car cranked 4 more times that day,
At 10 pm it failed to start,
First clicking sound,
Then the more it was turned over the clicking sound stopped an the car started stinking like wires or something.
Above the starter it started smoking they was trying to jump it off.
They said starter locked up, made since I went an bought a new starter. Replaced it an it fired right off.
There was a strange noise when we started it. So we killed it an cranked it again an the sound stopped. Less then 30 sec the battery light came on an lights we're dim.
That was 1am so when I got off at 7 I thought let's drive it so the alternator will recharge the battery,
3 miles down the road all lights came on an I lost traction, power steering the car was gonna die.
Made it home an killed it an wouldn't start click click click is all it did.
So has to be Alternator,
So when they pulled it they was yep the alternator is bad,
An get a belt cause it has wear.
So we replace both items an the car started but battery light came on an it was 30 seconds an the car died.
Please help
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Reman alternator ? Lots of duds right out of the box with reman's.
Volt meter check with engine jump started and running is the test.
Reman alternator ? Lots of duds right out of the box with reman's.
Volt meter check with engine jump started and running is the test.
It's a duarlast alternator
Getting a new battery an terminals now if that doesn't work I guess I'll put it in the shop
alternator is for maintaining the battery and is poor at recharging the battery to full...a load test will let you know if the battery is there any way you can recharge the battery with a battery tender or charger yourself?

Good luck,

There is a fusible link between the alternator and the starter. It charges the battery through that connection. If it was not correctly reattached or has been blown (like a fuse), then the battery will not get charged.

When there were wires smoking during a jump start, that was a sign right there of bad things. It could have been just the starter that died, but an inspection of the wires and cables would be a good thing, just to be sure you don't catch fire out of nowhere.

I'm in favor of having that alternator tested, even though it was just purchased. Like @repairman54 said, DOA is not unheard of.
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