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Hi everyone.

I honestly do not know what to do with my '09 LTZ. I have replaced crankshaft position sensor and the camshaft sensor, replaced multiple batteries, changed out battery terminals, replaced the starter (with a rebuilt one), checked fuses, changed the ECM.

Also it does have a battery drain of some sort. Recently had a family friend run a drain test on it and notice a pretty big drain. He looked online and saw many comments about it possibility being the OnStar fuse, so he took it out and noticed a significant decrease with the drain on the battery. Car was driven around for a couple hours after that and now it's dead. It has power but wont start and when the key is turned there is no power/lights.

It also has a check engine light and won't pass emissions due to code p0315.

If anyone has any suggestions/advice I would love to hear it.

Your fellow BU owner

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Can you share the engine you have so our members are in a better position to offer their input?

Also, how many miles?

Do you, or did you, have a subscription to OnStar?

DTC PO315, quoted from this site:
This code is focused on the relationship between the crankshaft position sensor (CPS) and the engine controller (ECM/PCM). The PCM measures the variation between crankshaft position reference points. These measurements are compared to an ideal reference stored in the PCM. If the variation exceeds a calibrated percentage, a fault code is stored. This is typically an electrical circuit fault, although mechanical issues can affect this code, depending upon vehicle manufacturer.

Has any of the wiring to the CPS been checked?

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Need at least 30 min. of not opening any doors or turning anything on so all the modules shut down before doing any drain testing. It's normal for some modules to have a delayed powering down.
p0315 below
Circuit/System Testing

The CKP system variation learn procedure may have to be repeated up to 5 times before the procedure is learned.

Perform the CKP system variation learn procedure. Refer to Crankshaft Position System Variation Learn (See: Powertrain Management\Computers and Control Systems\Crankshaft Position Sensor\Service and Repair). The scan tool should display Learned this Ignition.

If the CKP system variation learn procedure cannot be performed successfully, inspect for the following conditions:

  • Any worn crankshaft main bearings
  • A damaged or misaligned reluctor wheel
  • Excessive crankshaft runout
  • A damaged crankshaft-Refer to Crankshaft and Bearing Cleaning and Inspection (See: Engine, Cooling and Exhaust\Engine\Service and Repair\Overhaul).
  • Interference in the signal circuit of the CKP sensor
  • The ignition switch is in the ON position until there is insufficient system voltage.
  • An ECM power disconnect with the ignition ON that may have erased the stored value and set DTC P0315
  • Any debris between the CKP sensor and the reluctor wheel
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