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I have a 2009 Chevy Malibu LS 2.4 ECOTECH automatic 164xxx miles I've stayed up on my oil changes. I don't typically take it to a shop for anything. So, I kept forgetting to check my oil. Idiot, I know. When I did, it read empty. All I had was nearly 2 quarts, but I put all of it in. After day 2 I figured before I start my errands, I ought to check it. I was floored. I cleaned it off really good and checked again. It was BEYOND full. HOW???! It has some other issues..IF ANYONE CAN EXPLAIN THIS PLEASE..'Cause idk how it's possible other than if the tube part of the dipstick is somehow moving. There's also been a couple other things I've found peculiar. I'll attach a pic from when I replaced the valve gasket. It's also been doing some whistling air type sound recently.


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