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2009 Malibu LS Randomly "hiccups" while cruising down the road

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I'm new to the Chevy Malibu's, and am coming from a 2005 Grand Prix GTP, so anyway - onto my issues.

Car is a 2009 Chevy Malibu LS with the 2.4L, a buddy of mine purchased the car last spring with 103K on it, he was also my roommate so I have ridden and driven the car quite a bit. He passed away last month and his parents are letting me keep the car, as they know it will be well taken care of and its got alot of sentimental value between my buddy and I. Around September/October this past year I noticed it would randomly hiccup while driving, normally just one time but would sometimes happen a few times within 30-45 minutes of driving. Fast forward to winter (I live in Northern Michigan) and it's literally ran perfect until yesterday, when I noticed it start the random hiccup again. Weather is getting warmer now, and I always my ODB2 / Bluetooth thing plugged into it, and it hasn't thrown a single code yet. I'm guessing with only having 103K on it when my buddy bought it, I'm sure the spark plugs and coils are still factory and it's probably time for a good tune up.

I still plan to do the plugs and coils, drop the transmission pan and throw new fluid and filter in it just so I know it's done, but before I start throwing parts at it, has anyone else experienced this issue? No change in RPM's when it does it, and doesn't really seem to be consistent. Car has just over 113K now, but also is my daily driver for work and whatnot.

Also, the last month of winter I had went out to start the car and when I got in to leave for work I noticed the ABS and traction lights were on, which had not came on prior to then. I know with my Grand Prix that was always a telltale that I was about to be replacing a wheel bearing and I'm curious if these cars are the same with that type of thing. I didn't see any broken or exposed wires on what I'm guessing are the ABS sensors when I recently put new rotors and pads on it - if I can figure it out I much rather do my own work on my car's than take it to the dealer, but if it's something that will have to be done to diagnose the issue, then I don't have a problem with that either.

I appreciate any input / advice, like I said I am totally new to the Malibu and their common issues, so any thoughts would help!

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Something that might help:

My 2011 seems to like to say Traction Control Off, and Service ESC at times. I believe it's the SAS (steering angle sensor). Whenever it shows those messages, it's always after turning the steering wheel.

If you don't have a scanner that'll read all 4 code groups, consider a BlueDriver. It can do that, plus it has Mode 6.
The messages are always there, from the time I start the car till I turn it off, they have never seemed to flash, and the cruise control works just fine also.

I actually read through that post before starting this one, it didn't seem to describe what was happening with mine so that's why I went ahead with a new one.
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I finally got the car to throw 2 codes, I'll attach the screenshot below. I'm not sure if I should clean the MAF or just replace it, any input would be greatly appreciated!

I take the highway to work and back every day, and I noticed that if I hit 95MPH - the car always starts to hiccup at that speed, and the RPM's do actually fluctuate up and down rather quickly. That's the only time I can pull the codes.
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Clean it first. Use only MAF cleaner, not anything else! Don't touch the MAF element, either.

If that works, great! If not, check the wiring, since the wires are part of the circuit as well. You never know if any little neighbors jumped up and gnawed on them or not.
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