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2010 black bu 2LT

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sup y'all I have a 2010 2lt, heated leather and suede seats, sunroof blah blah blah it's pretty much fully optioned out. here's some pics and a list of stuff I've done/ have on hand and am waiting to do.

-6.5 kicker cs front door speakers
-6x9 kicker cs rear deck speakers
-JBL gt- bass pro 12 subwoofer
-Atoto a6 pf head unit with reverse camera(not installed yet)
rgb led foot lights
-Corvette paddle shifters (not installed yet)
-planning on picking up an amp to power the kicker -speakers so I can use their full output.

-Painted NOT plasti dipped the front bumper chrome and both emblems. (Plasti dip is a waste of time and cost as much as spray paint so just paint it properly)
-front grill mounted led strobe lights because why not
-led drl and sequential turn signal strip
-Phillips diamond vision clear white bulbs
-led switchback turn signals (not installed)
-letter debadge
-5% tint all around with a sun strip

it also got damaged by an automatic car wash not too long ago because of that my front windshield got replaced by their insurance. and then my fenders, hood, roof, rear quarter panels and trunk also got repainted and payed by their insurance. afterwards I buffed and polished the whole car and now it's a mirror.
Car Vehicle Grille Automotive side marker light Hood
Automotive tire Hood Cap Automotive lighting Grey
Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Snow Grille

Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Grille Automotive lighting

after paint^
Car Vehicle Grille Automotive parking light Hood

before paint^
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Nice ride! I used to have a 2009 2LT BGM - black granite metallic. Loved the exterior, but the inside was all black as well, and I prefer at least 1 other color. But that paint was so nice looking, and surprisingly easy to keep clean.

Congrats on the good results from all the hard work!
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